MGRv8 – The Dream Machine

The car you only dreamt of owning is available to you today.

The Dream Machine

Someday you’ll be far too responsible to go careering off at the drop of a hat wherever your fancy takes you.
Someday you’ll have a family that won’t fit into a sporty little 2-seater. And as for the wind whistling through your hair, there’s no guarantee you’ll have much hair left for it to whistle through.
So, if you’ve always told yourself you’re going to have an MG someday, make sure you don’t leave it too long. Sports cars aren’t the only things that overtake you…….

The MGR V8 started life with a sinister code-name ADDER. At the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1993, something else even more sinister happened.

A total of 1,983 units were produced in the UK. 330 were sold in UK. 1,579 in Japan, in one week. If you desire one or more of these fine MGR V8’s from Japan look no further than this site

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