MGRv8 – The Dream Machine

The car you only dreamt of owning is available to you today.


Colin Shea runs Tokyo Auto Trading, a specialist in buying MGRV8s at auctions in Japan for export to many countries, notably most to UK for traders and RV8 enthusiasts alike.

Colin can be contacted at [email protected] or by telephone on +81 90 8773 0907. Colin says “obtaining a vehicle previously owned MGRV8 in Japan through Tokyo Auto Trading is easier than you might think and routinely results in large savings.” You will need to consider the costs of a thorough examination and service of the car on arrival in the home country, and preparation to comply with local requirements and the registration of the vehicle too.

For European and UK customers, Paul Yabsley of Robins Garages in Devon, will look after everything once your car has arrived at Southampton. This includes collecting the MGRV8 after customs clearance and preparing it for registration. As the MGRV8 was manufactured in UK, Paul can obtain a Certificate of Conformity from Rover UK which means no costly SVA test. There is no 10% duty payable either, just VAT. We have dozens of very satisfied customers who have chosen this route and Paul will be glad to refer you to them if you wish.  Contact Paul Yabsley on 01271 862454 or [email protected]

Colin’s Bio

As an Englishman living in Japan in the automotive industry and being a lifelong fan of MG, I found it irresistible not to get involved in sending these cars back home to UK and to Australasia, where they were never sold as new cars. I also find them for expats in Japan too. I have been locating MGR V8 at auctions all over Japan for 6 years and I am very confident on what to look out for.